Start Date for “The Gobbler’s First Tasting”

We have set the launch of the Gobbler Game to Saturday 2 July 2022 at 16:00 UTC. This will be Sunday the third of July 2022, at 2 am, Eastern Australian time. There will be three servers with Gobbler Game code, each with different difficulty of Gobbler feed lists, facilities, resources and conditions. All servers are non-combat.

More information and discussion can be found on our Wurm Unlimited forum thread.

In-game signs

Welcome to the Gobbler game!
You are on the Open Gobbler server which resets each July
There is a dedicated website at
More information can be found in the Wurm Unlimited forums and the Wurmpedia site
Creatures on all our servers do not attack players, and can not be attacked
You may have as many character accounts as you like
Clay deposits are only found at white and black lights, clay dredges may be built anywhere

You gain a score by feeding the Gobbler items that appear in the Gobbler channel
Gobbler requests are broadcast in real time on the website
The Gobbler wand allows feeding the Gobbler and depositing coins to your bank account
To make a Gobbler wand activate a crude knife and use it on a shaft
The Gobbler gives rewards including tar and peat transmutation tokens as you increase in level

This area has a bank, open your account here at the settlement token
Coins can be found by foraging, botanizing, harvesting trees and bushes, and in treasure chests
A minimum sized deed is 11×11, and costs 4 silver 21 copper up front plus 1 silver per month
Compasses may be made using corn or cotton oil
All sprout types can be found by foraging
Rummaging rock faces provides iron rocks, there are no iron veins
Animal products can be found by butchering deceased creatures or in treasure chests
There are no restrictions on priest actions and all white light spells are shared
The Wild Growth spell is very useful for rapidly growing trees