Use of Alternate Characters

The main goal of the Gobbler Game is enjoyment of time. With this in mind we are organising the Gobbler level rewards to better all players’ chances to obtain the full collection of uniquely coloured small barrels, over time, regardless of how much playtime they have available.

In each tasting the rewards for Gobbler levels will have a different order of unique colours. The Higher level ones in this tasting will appear at lower levels in the second tasting. If a player stays on for some tastings, the entire collection may be obtained at a slower pace without any need to get high Gobbler scores.

Players may have as many alternate characters (alts) as they choose, and on any server in the Gobbler Game. Strategy decisions need to be made about how much time is given to each of them, because the score and skills of the main character will be effected. There are many variations.

One strategy may be to allow alts to get early levels and rewards so that the main character makes an excellent cave using the transmutation rods and then continues on to higher levels with better resources. This is important on the Open Gobbler Server, less so on the other servers because transmutation rods are sold at the GM towns.

A player may have their alts play roughly equal amounts of time, competing against each other, taking no notice of other player’s scores. Set some guidelines to make it relatively fair for each alt. I personally like this idea and have set some guidelines for myself which I do hope I will follow. I have a different approach for each server.

On the Frenetia server my alts (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mayor Daisy) are all sharing the resources, farms, mines, arboreum, etc. of one deed, “Harmony”. Each alt has their own area on the deed to keep their treasures and buildings. Only the correctly named day may feed the Gobbler (or Daisy). Only one may do a request, so I have to choose who as fairly as I am able to. Apart from making their tool kits this week they are all new accounts.

On the Open Gobbler server a different set of alts (Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat, Platypus, Possum, Thylacine and Wallaby) will be playing a very different style of solo play, each building an independent camp. Their hours played will be kept similar to each other. Some players met them on the test server where they had a race to build a clay dredge. I found no great difference between any of them.

Best wishes from Pam