Start Date for “The Gobbler’s First Tasting”

We have set the launch of the Gobbler Game to Saturday 2 July 2022 at 16:00 UTC. This will be Sunday the third of July 2022, at 2 am, Eastern Australian time. There will be three servers with Gobbler Game code, each with different difficulty of Gobbler feed lists, facilities, resources and conditions. All servers are non-combat.

The Frenetia server has grown in beauty over the three continuous years it has been running. Here you will find established forests, rolling mountains, many potential camp areas and five established GM villages each with merchants and many community facilities built by player and GM Freesia. There are dedicated public deeds for utmost mines of each ore type. There is a dedicated deed for all the 138 pottery tile colours, with pathways, bridges, and 25 arboretums and clay dredges which may be used by all. The skill gain and action timers are set to be quite fast at 10/10. Players may quickly skill up, suiting new players and persons with limited play hours. Coin drops are quite frequent and large deeds without upkeep are posssible. This server has the least difficulty of the Gobbler feed lists.

The Arboretum server is attached to the Frenetia server on one edge. Here there are very few forests, and less waterways. There is one GM village located at approximately the centre of the map. It has a bank and feasting table. There are no merchants or other community facilities. This server has a moderate difficulty Gobbler feed list. Players start on the Frenetia server. Two way travel and trading between the Frenetia and Arboretum servers is posssible via swimming (no drowning) or by boat. Inter-server transport and trades of resources may occur. Players may choose to make Gobbler feeds on both servers, using either, or both Gobbler feed lists. Players may choose to ignore the Gobbler’s requests and play in sandbox conditions.

It is important to note that both the Frenetia and Arboretum servers will remain continuous, with all the player’s skills, inventory, deeds, deed buildings and terraforming being kept. This will suit many players who may enjoy the competition of the Gobbler Game Tastings without having to start again each year.

What will change is that the servers’ Gobbler winners will be declared each July and all the players will start again in the next Gobbler’s Tasting with Zero score and levels. A player may choose to have their previous best tasting level to be displayed as a title.

Here is an example. Player one reaches level 6 in their first Gobbler’s Tasting, their title is a level 6 player. In some following Gobbler’s Tasting they reach level 12, so they are now entitled to be known as a level 12 player. Player two reaches level 11 in their first Gobbler’s Tasting, their title is a level 11 player. In some following Gobbler’s Tasting they reach level 5. They are still entitled to be known as a level 11 player.

In this way it is possible for each player to monitor their own progress. It also enables newer players to make more accurate relative comparisons with other players, when they see previous best levels on the rankings table.

The third server, the “Open Gobbler Server” provides the most challenging Gobbler feed list. The server conditions are difficult. Products such as nails score high amounts of points because there are no iron ore veins. Treasure chests provide some animal products items, as well as a few deceased creatures. There are no trees. Players need to grow them naturally, or use a statuette. Clay is only located at two places, the white and black lights. Deeds require upkeep. The skill gain and action timers are set to 5/5. Players cannot use their Frenetia characters on the Open Gobbler server, they need to start a new one.

Each July an Open Gobbler winner will be announced and the Open Gobbler server will be reset. Characters need to start again with no skills, belongings or terraforming. New maps may be introduced so that new map knowlege will become a part of the experience.